Michael Guggisberg


I am an econometrician who is interested  in providing rigorous  econometric solutions to real world economic problems. We live in a fast paced world where data is continuously collected; and it is increasingly more difficult (and more important) to extract meaningful information from it. My goal is to establish and then utilize the appropriate methodological framework to obtain answers in this environment. My research focuses on using new tools from discrete choice theory and quantile methods for applications to economic issues.

Discrete choice theory is the analysis of how individuals arrive at choosing a certain (discrete) good as their ultimate choice.  By understanding this behavior one can better understand and forecast demand as well as anticipate effects from changes in equilibrium.

Quantile methods provide a richer set of understanding than traditional methods such as linear regression.  They provide information about heterogeneity in relationships between variables that one might not suspect.  

I am able to implement these methods in a scalable manner for high-dimension fast-paced environments.

Michael Guggisberg

Research Staff Member

Institute for Defense Analyses

Contact information

Email: MikeGuggis@gmail.com

Phone: (480) 824 - 8853